On April 7th and 8th, 2017, the III International Congress of JOINT CUSTODY AND MINOR’S LEGAL PROTECTION will take place in the city of Valencia.

ACCA is a non-profit association, created with the purpose of promoting Joint Custody as a preferred model in processes of couple split, always looking for the welfare and interest of minors, the supreme legal right protected.

In Alicante’s Joint Custody Association we are concerned about the future of our children, their natural right to grow in equality with both parents, and grow without anything impeding their personal development in full exercise of all their rights.

At this 3rd International Congress of JOINT CUSTODY AND MINOR’S LEGAL PROTECTION, we are trying to meet again some of the most prestigious professionals in the legal, psychological and civil society fields, both national and international, to let us know with total independence their vision about the necessary mechanisms for protecting the children development in the best conditions.

On this edition, we would like to thank the collaboration of the Bar Association of Valencia, who has kindly given us its collegial headquarters for the development of this Congress.

Finally, the congress objective continues to be to inform about the current situation of joint custody in our environment and in other countries, but especially help to make society and legal and psychological professionals aware that they should carry out their daily work in order to obtain the emotional well-being of the children, making it possible for the parents to cooperate in the education and physical and psychological development of their children.